IDMPay combines the strength of IdentityMind's Anti-Fraud and Risk Management Platform, strong banking relationships and a seasoned executive team with 10+ years of experience in providing Payment and Merchant Services.

IDMPay focuses on maximizing a merchant's revenue by concentrating on high conversion while controlling fraud and overall risk.

IDMPay delivers optimal rates by performing with guaranteed reliability, balancing the anti-fraud operations and reacting quickly to merchants' needs as their business expands and adapts to new markets and technologies.

Merchant Services
Fulfilling all payment service needs

Payment Gateway, PSP and Direct Merchant Accounts.

Payment Gateway



High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Direct Merchant Account


IDMPay provides payment processing solutions to merchants worldwide, featuring Tier-1 PCI compliant gateway and PSP services, alternative payment solutions, highly-customizable billing options and multi-currency settlements.

Integrated Risk Management Services
Powered by IdentityMind Anti-Fraud and Risk Management Platform.
It is all about the business.

The highest conversion with the least amount of fraud.

  • Full visibility and control. Your own interface to manage anti-fraud rules, analyze results, add users to blacklists, refund, etc.
  • Identities and Reputation. An anti-fraud approach that works – the more you know the customer, the easier is to perform anti-fraud.
  • Proactive Refunding. Automatic refunding of risky transactions you may have accepted and in post analysis may turn into fraud.
  • Chargeback Reports. Full visibility into chargeback reports consolidated in a single interface. It provides you with a unique report that will help you in fighting chargebacks.
  • Affiliate Fraud. Comprehensive monitoring of affiliate traffic to identify and stop risky affiliates.

It is all about addressing the needs of our clients and their customers quickly and effectively.

We are available.
We are relentless.
That’s our commitment.

“It is the personal level of interaction that draws clients to our organization and makes them feel that there is a living breathing person that actually cares about their issues and is there to help in times of need.”


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